Business for South Africa (B4SA) is challenging South African brands to promote vaccination and help South Africa beat Covid-19

Unless South Africa can get vaccinated, our lives will remain constrained and our health at risk. The economy is suffering. The brands and businesses that depend on a return to “normal” economic activity – from tourism to life insurance – are in jeopardy. Returning to a “normal” economy unfettered by fear or restrictions is in the overwhelming interest of every individual, company, and institution.

We now have the vaccines and the capacity to vaccinate the country. Yet only a small proportion of South African adults are fully vaccinated. In law, every company must already provide their staff with information about vaccination. But brands can do so much more to normalise vaccination and build understanding and acceptance.

Great brand communications can be part of the vaccine solution.

On Friday 3 September, B4SA, together with the Department of Health’s Demand Acceleration Team, the Loeries, members of the Creative Circle and industry leaders held a colloquium on vaccination and brands. The discussion focussed on how the brand advertising and creative industry can drive vaccination and included presentations on:

  • The role of brands in the vaccination programme
  • The new South African Vaccine Demand Acceleration Strategy
  • “Finding the Why” in vaccination for people and brands

You can watch the session here and view the accompanying presentations by clicking on the links below:





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