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The Resource Mobilisation Fund (RMF) was established following a request from the President for the business sector to help capacitate the Presidency’s National Energy Crisis Committee (NECOM). NECOM aims to reduce the severity and frequency of load shedding in the short term and achieve a secure and sustainable supply of energy for South Africa in the long term.

This request followed the President’s announcement of an Energy Action Plan in July 2022, and resulted in various individuals and organisations from the private sector establishing the RMF as a mechanism for corporate South Africa to support the implementation of the President’s Energy Action Plan.

The RMF was set up to source private sector funding to procure and then donate capacity into government, and specifically NECOM, on an expedited basis.

The RMF has received Public Benefit Organisation status from SARS for: “The provision of funds, assets, services, or other expertise  by way of donation to department of state or administration in the national or provincial or local sphere of government of the Republic, contemplated in section 10(1)(a).”

The RMF is an autonomous legal entity, with decisions taken by the RMF Board in the best interests of the RMF, within the context of its objective to support NECOM. The RMF will be accountable to its donors, the business community, and the public at large, and will administer and disburse the funds raised by providing donations in kind to capacitate the government’s efforts in relation to NECOM.

Donated expertise to NECOM will include a Project Management Office, together with specialist legal, energy modelling, and engineering expertise over a one-to-two-year period.

In line with its constitution, the RMF Board will execute its objectives in a fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective manner, ensuring that integrity is always maintained and that the activities of the RMF are conducted with the highest standards of corporate governance and ethics.

The directors of the RMF

The RMF has been set up as a voluntary association, with no shareholders. The RMF has four directors:

Cas Coovadia

Cas Coovadia

Business Unity South Africa

Phumzile Langeni

Phumzile Langeni

Executive Chairman of Afropulse Group (Pty) Limited

Martin Kingston

Martin Kingston

Executive Chairman
Rothschild & Co South Africa / Chairman B4SA / Chairman RMF

Faith Khanyile

Faith Khanyile

Former CEO, WDB Investment Holdings

Under the terms of the agreement with the Presidency, the Government has the right to nominate an independent director to the Board of the RMF.

The RMF Board

The RMF Board is responsible for all procurement decisions. A separate monitoring and evaluation function has been implemented, and regular quarterly reporting will be provided to donors to account for the use of funds. NECOM will also update the RMF on the NECOM project and the specific expertise donated by the RMF.

The Funders of the RMF

The RMF will receive funding from philanthropic and corporate donors in South Africa and internationally. The conclusion of the funders’ process is being advanced, and once finalised a list of all of our funders will be published on our website.

The role of the RMF

The RMF performs its functions independently of Government, including NECOM and business advocacy structures.

It fundraises from donors that include South African corporates and international donors. The RMF receives written requests for expertise from NECOM in terms of an agreement with the Presidency and then facilitates an independent procurement process to source the required capacity that is needed by the Presidency. The RMF board is responsible for all final procurement decisions, and is advised by a procurement advisory panel, made up of both public and private sector procurement experts. Having selected the appropriate expertise, service providers are contracted by the RMF, and then donated to the NECOM as experts.

Certain operational functions of the RMF, including day-to-day procurement and reporting functions, have been outsourced to external service providers, although only the RMF Board has the authority to make procurement and deployment decisions. In particular, the RMF has contracted the National Business Initiative (NBI) to provide procurement, monitoring and evaluation and reporting functions to the RMF. The NBI has experience with the deployment of capacity and expertise into Government. Further information about the NBI can be found here.

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