To end the Covid-19 pandemic we must vaccinate enough people. You are invited to be an ambassador for vaccination.

Please, help control the pandemicProtect your friends & family

Be a Vax Champ!

Today is the initial launch of the Vooma Vaccine Champions, “Vax Champs”, a programme of Dept of Health. Please join & encourage others. We ask Vax Champs to:

1. EDUCATE yourself about Covid & vaccines

2. PROMOTE vaccination to friends, family & neighbours

3. REPORT issues & problems in your area.

For questions, call or text Noko Mashilo 072 285 3335

Vax Champs is in all 11 SA languages, with messages on WhatsApp, Email or SMS

To become a Vax Champ
– Check
– NDOH Covid WhatsApp system 060 012 3456 use keyword JOINVAXCHAMPS
– Call the National Covid Hotline 0800 029 999

Together we can overcome Covid

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