B4SA weekly update

Dear B4SA and business colleagues

If your organisation is not yet engaging with the issue of a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policy, we would urge you to begin the conversation with urgency, remembering that it is about balancing the rights of employers and employees, and about public and workplace safety.

In congregate settings, especially, where large numbers of people are working with each other, and in close quarters, employers have a legal and ethical obligation to create a safe working environment. Furthermore, employees are entitled to expect a safe working environment. For an introduction to some of the legal, ethical and policy decisions organisations need to consider, the webinar we held a few weeks ago on this issue is an excellent place to start.

BUSA is in the process of seeking a declaratory order on the matter, with the aim of creating legal certainty on the application of mandatory vaccination – an action we fully support. We will keep you updated as developments occur.

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