B4SA weekly update

Dear B4SA and business colleagues,

While we welcome the news that the country has moved to adjusted level two for the relief it will provide to many individuals and businesses, we would urge renewed caution in the face of the forthcoming fourth wave.

It is tempting, when regulations are relaxed, to let down our guards, but we need to be just as vigilant about all of the non-pharmaceutical interventions to prevent infection, and continue to pursue vaccination, ventilation, masking, social distancing and hand hygiene in every situation we find ourselves in.

Vaccination demand remains below the required levels and, although we might be tired of hearing it, we need to continue to urge everyone we know who has not yet availed themselves of a jab to go and do so with urgency. It is now easier than ever – all adults are eligible, vaccines are available for the insured and uninsured at all vaccination sites, public and private, and when you register, you can even choose when and where to get jabbed.

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