B4SA/NDoH joint EVDS webinar

On Friday afternoon 16 April B4SA, supported by the NDoH, held a briefing for business, media, and stakeholders on the National Vaccination Programme and latest developments.

The session included an update on B4SA and its alignment with the Department of Health by Martin Kingston, Chair of the B4SA Steering Committee and an overview of vaccine supply and the progress of the Phase 1 Healthcare worker vaccinations by Stavros Nicolaou B4SA, Chair of B4SA Health Working Group. Dr Guni Goolab and Dr Lungi Nyathi from B4SA’s Service Delivery Platforms explained the transition to Phase 2 and scaling up our national vaccination capacity with a focus on employer sites and the requirements and process for site registration.

President of the Southern African society of Thrombosis & Haemostasis, Professor Barry Jacobson then discussed the temporary suspension of the Johnson & Johnson Phase 3B study and expanded on the science, process and (minimal) risks of the vaccine compared to Covid-19 itself. Milani Wolmarans, Chief Director: National Programme Manager EVDS, then demonstrated and explained the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS). Following the presentations there was an interactive Q&A with all speakers and including Roseanne Harris, B4SA Financing and Funding Flows who answered medical aid related questions.

View the presentation that accompanied the webinar here

Watch the video recording of the webinar here

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