NDoH Policy Guidance to Vaccination Sites: “Circular on Walk-ins”

View the National Department of Health’s Circular 01/ 4 June 2021: NATIONAL DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH POLICY GUIDANCE TO VACCINATION SITES

The Circular is binding on all public and private health vaccination sites (but not workplace sites) and covers:

  1. Eligibility for Vaccination
  2. Registration on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) for general population aged 60 and above
  3. Healthcare Worker Registration
  4. Walk-in Policy Guidance
  5. Cost and Reimbursement Guidance

Please Note:

  • These guidelines apply to both public and private health vaccination sites, but not to workplace sites.
  • Sales and Distribution agreement is currently being finalised and will give further details of the reimbursement mechanisms contemplated in: Circular 01/ 4 June.

B4SA will share further policy guidance and circulars as they are finalised.

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