May applications for the Temporary Employer/ Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)

This is to advise that applications for May have opened today.

The application process has been amended to allow employers applying for the UIF TERS benefit on behalf of employees, to indicate whether the benefits should be paid to the company or whether payment must be made directly into employees’ bank accounts.

Employers will be entitled to receive payment if they require a refund from the UIF, which would be the case where the employer has paid the benefit to the employees, or where the employees have been required to take annual leave. In other circumstances, the UIF will make payment directly to the employees.

The addition of this second option has essentially been introduced with the intention of ensuring that the payments of the UI Covid19 TERS benefits are smoother for May and June.

Anyone with queries should be directed to the UIF call centre at 0800 843 843.

27 May 2020

Labour Workstream

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