Guidance to all private sector vaccination sites

Private sector site planning and activation

The country’s daily rate of vaccination is increasing week-on-week, which is encouraging.  Currently we are vaccinating over 100 000 people per day.

The NDOH has confirmed a strong pipeline of supply for Q3 of this year, however we are still awaiting a detailed delivery schedule from manufacturers. When increased supply is confirmed, we will need to ramp up our vaccination programme significantly, to ensure that we reach the target coverage across South Africa.  Soon we will need to scale up to achieve around 250 000 vaccinations per day.

This makes planning essential, especially where it relates to bringing new sites online, or expanding the capacity of current vaccination sites.  Consequently, it has become increasingly important to ensure that planning and timing of rollout of new or extended sites is based on accurate modelling against current locational capacity and demand. To this end, Barry Childs is leading the supply allocation modelling, which we will share with you in due course, to assist in your planning.

The modelling will be important in assisting us to calibrate where demand for new sites is needed most, to ensure that some areas are not over-serviced, and to ensure we are able to allocate vaccines appropriately.

It is important to note that vaccination sites will be prioritised based on their geographic location. The sites that fall in geographic locations requiring increased vaccination capacity will be prioritised. All sites wanting to participate in the vaccine rollout will be assisted through the registration, accreditation and onboarding process. The date on which the site will activate will depend on the areas identified by the modelling as being most in need.

These areas will change as the vaccine rollout progresses.

Please reach out to the following for any insight into the capacity v demand in areas you are considering for new, or expanded vaccination sites.

They can be reached on:

Health sites (Pharmacies, hospitals, GPs):

Ashika Dheda



Employer sites:

Lungi Nyathi



Please also note that it is important to ensure that all vaccination site information on the Master Facility List (MFL) is correct, so please double check this information as soon as possible.  This should include up-to-date GPS coordinates and your site’s capacity.

Finally, as B4SA, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your invaluable contribution to the national rollout programme.  Your ongoing commitment to playing a vital role is both deeply appreciated and noted.


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