Government launches house-to-house COVID-19 screening

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Monday that South Africa was now entering a new phase in the fight against Covid-19 and the government would be rolling out a screening, testing, tracing and monitoring programme on a “huge scale”.

A total of 10 000 field workers will visit homes around the country scanning people for Covid-19 symptoms. Those found to have symptoms would be referred to clinics for testing. People with moderate symptoms would be treated at home or at Covid-19 facilities, while those with serious symptoms would be transferred to hospitals.

President Ramaphosa also said that a mobile tracing system to track those who had come into contact with infected people and to monitor new cases would be set up, while a number of mobile testing centres would be set up during April.


Business for South Africa is urging companies not to reduce or stop security protocols during the lockdown as a decrease in security measures will place additional strain on the South African Police Services and other law enforcement.

As South Africa enters the 6th day of the 21-day lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19, the response by South African citizens has been commendable with typically busy locations being emptied. This has prompted companies to either terminate or downscale their security services leaving businesses vulnerable as we head further into lockdown. Criminals remain undeterred by the pandemic.

Private security is listed as an ‘essential service’ under the Disaster Management Act, 2002: Amendment of regulations issued in terms of section 27(2).

DOCTORS-ON-CALL – COVID-19 HELPLINE – 087 055 0234 (8am – 5pm)

Doctors-on-Call is a philanthropic, doctor-led COVID-19 helpline who will take calls from the public to answer their questions about coronavirus. Callers are screened and if they need further testing or medical care, the doctor will guide them on how to access services in their area. Doctors’ advice is free | Calls charged at local call rates.


The public call for companies to divert PPE stocks has been well-received, with many companies and individuals contacting us. Our team is following up with all offers. Please continue to refer all offers to

Business for SA’s Public Health Workgroup is calling on all companies, especially those in lockdown, to urgently divert their stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) for use in the national healthcare sector. The PPE is critically needed to protect frontline doctors and healthcare workers, and to keep them healthy in their fight against the pandemic. List of PPE required: – Masks (N95 Grade) – Surgical masks – Latex-free gloves (do not need to be sterile); preferably nitrile – Plastic aprons – Visors and goggles for eye protection – Gowns and suits – Overshoes.



The Solidarity Fund has signed off a working facility of R100 million for the purchase of PPE, including masks and other materials which are now required for healthcare workers and commuters . The order has been determined and will be placed today.

The Solidarity Fund, established by President Ramaphosa will be a rapid response vehicle through which individuals and organisations will be able to support South Africa’s mobilisation against COVID-19 through secure, tax-deductible donations. The Chairperson of the Fund is Ms. Gloria Serobe and the Vice Chairperson is Mr. Adrian Enthoven and will operate with the highest principles of corporate governance. All activities will be reported in a transparent manner.

Details on how to donate are available on the Fund’s website

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