Business for South Africa welcomes risk-adjusted reopening of the economy

Business for South Africa (B4SA) supports President Ramaphosa and the Cabinet’s decision to continue the phased and risk-adjusted transition of South Africa to Level 3 which enables more businesses and public services to function.  This will ensure fewer jobs are lost, more services are delivered, and our socio-economic recovery can enter a new phase.

Business commends the work and sacrifice of healthcare workers who are toiling tirelessly to increase public and private healthcare treatment capacity.

B4SA’s Martin Kingston commented: “As business we believe the ability for any country to deliver better comprehensive health outcomes for all citizens is dependent on a functional society and economy. This means balancing health and economic activity.  Wherever possible, every part of South African society – whether the State, business, NGO or individuals, must work in the safest possible manner. Tragically, COVID-19 will afflict the world and our country for many years to come. Infections and mortalities will rise, but so too will the number of our people who have beaten the virus as our capacity to respond increases.”

Read more: B4SA media release following President’s address on 24 May

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