B4SA weekly update

Dear B4SA and healthcare colleagues,

Since last year, business has worked with the National Department of Health and our colleagues in the Solidarity Fund to create the capacity to vaccinate the nation. Vaccination is the best health policy, it is the best social policy, and it is the best economic policy.

Our ability to return to our way of life and ensure the economy is back on an optimal growth path depends on successfully implementing the vaccination rollout strategy and bringing all of our collective resources to bear.

The launch on Monday of Phase 2 of our national vaccination programme marked a critical turning point in our 14-month fight against COVID-19. in addition to targeting the balance of the health care workers, we started with the most vulnerable, our 5.4 million over 60s, so that they can all be vaccinated by mid-winter. As soon as possible, we will extend the vaccination programme to the balance of our adult population.

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