B4SA weekly update

Dear B4SA and business colleagues,

The remarkable ramp-up in the vaccination rollout is a direct result of the solid partnership the business sector has built with our government since B4SA was formed.

The private sector has made a significant contribution to the vaccination effort so far, with available private sector vaccination capacity now at approximately 110,000 doses per day across all types of site. As more vaccine supply becomes available, we will be able to increase capacity, with the goal being for the public and private sector combined vaccinations to exceed our 300,000 doses per day target by mid-September. By that time, South Africa could be administering up to 420,000 jabs a day.

We are particularly pleased that vaccination has continued apace, with numbers climbing to around 230,000 daily the last couple of days – despite the fact that, to all intents and purposes, KwaZulu-Natal has not been vaccinating at all in the wake of the recent violence in that province.

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