B4SA weekly update

Dear B4SA and business colleagues,

You may or may not be aware that BUSA, which convenes B4SA, recently announced that it will be lodging an application for a declaratory order on mandatory vaccinations. We have spoken to the BUSA CEO, Cas Coovadia, for an update on this process.

We are informed that BUSA is consulting with its legal team, including a senior counsel. BUSA and its legal advisor, Halton Cheadle, also met with representatives from a number of legal firms to be briefed on their clients’ experience in applying some form of mandatory vaccination policy.

The representatives from these legal firms will co-ordinate inputs with the BUSA legal advisor, including considering any live cases by any of their clients. The legal team will then advise on the most appropriate and expeditious way to get legal clarity on mandatory vaccinations, of which a declaratory order will be a consideration.

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