B4SA weekly update

Dear B4SA and business colleagues,

Last night we reached three milestones in the vaccination numbers with 16 million, or 20% of South Africa’s adults fully vaccinated, and just under 30% having received a jab. To get to 70% vaccinated by Christmas, however, we need to vaccinate 17 million more, and NDoH modelling suggests that if we can achieve that, we can save 20,000 lives.

This will require a massive push from all sectors of society, but when we consider how many lives widespread vaccination will save, it will be well worth the effort. It’s clear that we must continue to do everything we can to keep the daily vaccination rate up and preferably get it above the 300,000-a-day mark.

The planned #VaxuMzansi initiative by the multi-faith Religious Forum Against COVID-19 is an example for the rest of society: multiple faith leaders will be coming together to encourage their congregations to vaccinate, and collaborating with pharmacies to do so. We applaud the initiative, and ask those of you who are part of faith communities to actively support the campaign in any way you can.

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