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Dear B4SA and business colleagues,

This week Denmark announced that as of 10 September, it will be lifting  all remaining Covid-19 restrictions, because with 71% of the population vaccinated, the virus is “no longer a critical threat to society”. The UAE has also opened up travel to all vaccinated people, including those arriving from previously banned nations. These are both encouraging indicators of what life could be like if we get our vaccination figures up to the required levels.

With vaccinations and capacity by and large secured, business must become more creative in how we mobilise for vaccination. In an effort to ignite this creativity, this week B4SA will be starting a conversation with South Africa’s creative brand and advertising industry. We are asking them to help mobilise their brands to explain to the public that until we get the nation vaccinated, we won’t return to a life without fear and restrictions.

Our most powerful brands have considerable volume, reach, and influence. They speak to us on our televisions and newspapers, phones, radios and many other media, and we engage with them for the goods, services and advice that makes modern life possible. Many brands are already reassuring, empowering and even incentivising staff and customers to help them get vaccinated. We need more of this creative thinking, which means we must get even more of our brands on board.

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