Media Release: Corporate SA rolls out support for over 60s to register for the Covid-19 vaccine

  • Big retailers to help over-60s collecting their pensions to register at stores dispensing high volumes of social grants.
  • FNB will support customers over 60 to register at 600 branches.
  • South African Breweries has launched advertising promoting over-60s registration.

South African businesses have responded to the call to help the almost three million citizens over 60 who have not yet registered for their Covid-19 vaccination on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS).

“Many older people do not have reliable internet access or smartphones, while others may not trust or are uncertain of how to use a new system,” says Martin Kingston, chairman of the Business for South Africa (B4SA) steering committee. “In the interest of fairness and equity we need to get everyone – whether they live in well-serviced cities or in less well-connected rural and peri-urban areas – to register. Business also needs to help wherever it can.”

Read more: B4SA Media Release 10 June 2021

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