Return to work during COVID-19

This document has been developed by Business 4 South Africa (BSA) in response to the
global COVID19 pandemic. This document is intended to provide a brief overview of the
Regulatory Framework pertaining to the COVID19 in South Africa in so far as workplaces
are concerned. The purpose of which is to enable employers to ensure that when they
resume operations, at the appropriate time and in line with Government Regulations
and/or Directives, they do so in a manner that is safe with minimal risk to the health of
employees and the health of members of the public.

Since it is impossible to address every and all aspect of the various industries, this document
provides a a general overview for organisations. Whilst these guidelines will provide a
basis for organisations to adopt, it is recommended that each sector supplements this
guide with workplace procedures specific to its conditions pertaining to its industry.

Read more: Business4SA_Return to work during COVID19 as at 14 May

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