Free anti COVID-19 ‘behaviour change’ campaign toolkits for business use

The Solidarity Fund launched its Citizens in Solidarity campaign to help drive positive and healthy behaviour as a key tool in South Africa’s fight against the spread of the Coronavirus as the country braces for its peak.

If you’re a brand or business that’s looking to collaborate, follow this link ( to download the Citizens in Solidarity campaign toolkit. The more Citizens and Business use these tools to make a safer workplace and society –  the safer our country will become.

The digital toolkit includes brand guidelines and a set of free ready-to-use communications “assets” – posters, adverts, digital updates – in multiple languages that you can apply across your platforms and places of work.

The central theme of the campaign is to create awareness and educate citizens/staff how to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. The specific messages include washing hands, wearing a mask and continuing with social distancing.

Please use these free resources in your business and with your staff


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