B4SA Update: National Vaccination Rollout

Covid-19 has had a seismic impact on South Africa.  We have lost loved ones, colleagues and friends, it has exacerbated our already devastating unemployment figures, worsened inequality and disrupted everyday life, health and the economy.  Vaccines and the national vaccination programme represent a defining intervention to take us out of the grip of the pandemic.

B4SA has mobilised all of business’s capabilities and resources, including those of the private healthcare and employer sectors to assist in the efficient rollout of the national vaccination programme.  We are working in close collaboration with Government, who lead the national vaccination programme, to deliver the country’s goal of vaccinating 40 million people by February 2022.   We believe that together, we are stronger.  We will move faster, further and more equitably if we move together as a nation to reach herd immunity.

Read more: B4SA Vaccination Rollout Update 16 April 2021

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